About us

Our mission is to help tenants make better rental decisions


Making renting easier. Enabling informed rental decisions.

Markets function better when there is openness and transparency for both sides. Our goal is to reduce the friction between tenants and landlords, and enable people to know what they are getting into before signing a lease.

Happy Tenant and Landlord
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Giving tenants insight into others' experiences, ahead of time

Sharing experiences and information allows others to know what they are getting into before committing. These reviews put tenants on a more equal playing field with landlords.

Today's rental market favors landlords at the expense of tenants. Landlords have many resources for gathering information on their tenants. Meanwhile, very little information exists about landlords for tenants to see. Landlords benefit from this one-sided and opaque marketplace by getting away with treating tenants poorly or having tenants negotiated against themselves during the rental process.

Tenants need level the playing field by learning more about previous renters' experiences with landlords and buildings. With more information from ratings and reviews, landlords will be encouraged to treat tenants fairly and transparently in order to continue renting to other tenants in the future.

Here at Doorskor, we help tenants find information about their next apartment building through reviews and ratings from prior tenants. We want you to know what you are getting into before you sign your lease. Our review platform aims to make it clear which apartments, buildings and landlords you would be happy with and which you should avoid.

Who we aim to help


Our primary focus is helping tenants have better rental outcomes. Life is stressful enough without constant landlord disputes and maintenance issues. We want to help tenants find the right fit and avoid having to gamble on unknowns with their future landlord and apartment building


By encouraging transparency and information-sharing about landlords, we are promoting good landlords and encouraging poor ones to focus more on improving their tenants' experiences. At the end of the day, transparency and information help everyone end up with a stress-free rental outcome